Athena Web

Athena Wireless Communications

Surprise, AZ

Using innovative components and techniques, Athena Wireless creates network connectivity solutions for networks of all sizes. Athena Wireless’ solutions are ready to deploy out of the box and maintain industry-leading capability.



Instant Bioscan Web

Instant BioScan

Tucson, AZ

Using its patented optical technology, Instant BioScan creates ingenious and practical alternatives to current microbial testing practices. Instant BioScan’s technology aims to ensure all public, private, and industrial water systems are free of hazardous microbial contaminants.



Post Bid Ship

Post. Bid. Ship

Tucson, AZ

Post.Bid.Ship. technology alleviates inefficiencies in the freight transportation marketplace. Post.Bid.Ship. TMS is a web-based software solution that serves as the “back office” for commercial freight shippers and freight transportation brokers.



Serious Integrated Web

Serious Integrated

Chandler, AZ

Serious delivers graphic/touch front panel technology to electronics designers and manufacturers, enabling a modern interface on industrial, medical and commercial products. Product offerings include off-the-shelf front panel modules as well as a software and tools environment for the development and deployment of modern user interfaces.



Stimwave Web

Stimwave Technologies

Scottsdale, AZ

Stimwave Technologies is a medical device company engaged in the development, manufacture, commercialization and marketing of wireless, microsize, injectable medical devices for neurology markets. This technology reduces the cost of expensive surgery and can provide a practical alternative for pain management.



Stat Doctors Web

Stat Doctors

Scottsdale, AZ

Stat Doctors provides a virtual house call via internet or phone 24 hours a day with a board-certified emergency room physician for the diagnosis and treatment of most minor medical conditions. This service allows for on-demand, convenient care at a reduced cost.