Arizona State Data Center (SDC)

The State Data Center (SDC) Program is one of the Census Bureau's longest and most successful partnerships. The partnership between the 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the island areas and the Census Bureau was created in 1978 to make data available locally to the public through a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, and regional and local governments.

The SDC lead organization is appointed by the Governor of each state/commonwealth, Puerto Rico, island areas (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands) or the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Since their creation, the State Data Center has provided access and education on Census Bureau data and products as well as other statistical resources to millions of data users.

To find out more information about the State Data Center (SDC) Program, see this link: Official Census Bureau SDC Webpage (link is external).

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Arizona Service Area Statistics
Arizona Service Area Statistics are provided here to help Arizona Constituents find population counts and percentages for Total Population, Race, Ethnicity, and Hispanic Origin by State, County, Place, American Indian Lands, and Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA). This information can be helpful for certain businesses that need either counts or percentages for federal programs. The current source for this data comes from the 2020: DEC Redistricting Data (PL 94-171) U.S. Census Bureau.
Arizona (All Geographies) Arizona Service Area Statistics
Arizona Demographic Map Viewer
The State Demographic Map Viewer is one of the Maricopa Association of Governments interactive mapping and analysis sites, showing selected population and housing data for the entire State of Arizona. Explore data from Census 2010 and American Community Survey (ACS) 2015-2019 (5-YR).
Arizona Demographic Map Viewer
Arizona State Data Center Census Data Links Library
The Arizona State Data Center’s Census Links Library is a collection of links to websites and other online resources focused on helping Arizona’s constituents in navigating the various resources available through the U.S. Census Bureau and their many censuses, surveys, and informational programs, which are available to the public. This resource links library focuses on general Census Bureau data and information as well as data focused on the State of Arizona and it’s areas of interest.
Arizona State Data Center Census Data Links Library